Friday, July 1, 2011

July Goals!

A) 3,000 games at least.
B) $10 ABI minimum.
C) Read 2 books.
D) Train tennis 15 times.
E) Coach 40 hours.
F) Smoke no more than 5 cigarettes on weekdays, 10 cigarettes on weekends.
G) Not get drunk.
H) Do 40 hand history reviews.
I) Watch tv maximum 2 hours per day.

If I can somehow accomplish all 9, I'll have to change my name to Superman. hahaha. Didn't want to include a profits clause because I wanted my goals to be about things that I can control. This way, it's well within my power to do everything.

A) 3k games: I think this is definitely achievable by playing on weekends too. Since I started playing poker seriously, I've taken weekends off, but not anymore. Some beasts that are way better than me, play every day, why can't I?

B) $10 ABI: My friend/ex-backer, Benjamin Reason, finally convinced me to drop the damn 2.50-180's from my schedule. He made me realize that I'm basically losing my time with so much variance control, instead of just trying to win a bunch of money at the stakes I should be playing. Big props to him, because I'm really stubborn. Thanks for showing me the light! hahaha.

C) Read 2 books: Shouldn't be that hard. Once I start reading one, I usually finish it that same week. Just kinda been hypnotized by so many good series on the tube.

D) Tennis: I took June off because I thought I wouldn't have enough time to grind/coach, but that's nonsense. There should always be time to try to stay healthy. It's not just that. There's an ulterior motive. My game has struggled due to lack of exercise. I've made some mistakes recently that I never did before. Just outright idiotic folds and shoves. Healthy mind in healthy body imo.

E) Coach 40 hours: Just 10 hours per week sounds very doable. Just going to try to schedule 2 hour classes at end of grinds, and it's on. Obviously, very +EV to coach as much as I can. Absolute must.

F) Smoking: I'm such a cigarette fiend. It's unbelievable. If I buy a pack, gg the pack that same day. I've spent countless 5 minute breaks just scrambling for loose cigarettes, in the drawers, couch, between the linens and shit. Such a nasty addiction. I'm going to cut down all through July. If I can do that, I'll cut down even more in August. Going cold-turkey has never worked for me, so maybe this will. Vamoooooooooooooo!

G) Getting drunk: I've actually been able to pinpoint the exact cause for when I get lazy; It's being hungover. I just don't care about anything but laying in bed feeling sorry for myself, lol. But, I mean, there's so much money to be made by massive grinding, with the right mindset, that it's just so unprofitable to get drunk/be hungover. I'll still drink obv, but not too much. I think this is the most important aspect of the goals. If I don't get drunk, these goals should be ez game.

H) 40 hand history reviews: Not easy, but I'll certainly try. I'll have to really commit to this one. Gotta make each one count. Hopefully, each hand history review get our students closer to crushing, so they're crucial for the success of our business.

I) TV: Such a zombie. Every time I'm done for the day, I watch tv for endless hours. I can almost feel my brain turning off. Well, that's the end of that. BUT, I still/always will love laying in bed watching good television, so I'm allowing myself to watch 2 hours (or if it's a long movie, well, however long it takes, hahaa, can't nitpick there).

Conclusion: Well, that's it for now. I'm really looking forward to a month of hard work. I've always had trouble implementing drastic changes in my day-to-day life, but I'm really motivated and excited. Wish me luck :)

Good luck at the tables,



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