Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Third Blog entry = Coaching and Backing / Supernova / Translating / Fitness / Smoking

Coaching and Backing: 

I've gotten a few coaching requests already, and complied with a couple students. I'm also going to establish a staking business, but I'm still figuring out the terms and conditions. I'm confident I'll be ready in a few weeks. It's just that I'm a little anal retentive, and I want everything to be perfect. I bought the domain already. When the business is up and running, we'll have a forum, use dropbox, have group coaching sessions, etc etc.

So, if anyone's interested, hit me up on Skype. I'm usually there grinding. If I don't reply, I'll get back to you when I finish my session. 


Pffffff, being a supernova has never been my goal, but I think it would be a sweeeeeeet end of year bonus. I'm at 23k points right now. The supernova rate should be about 34k. To offset this difference, some mass-tabling microlimit cash is in order. By my calculations, I'd need to play about 100 extra hours of 25NL, so it seems very doable. I know, I know, I said in a past blog that cash games are tedious, but it's all about the money, baby! (or the bonuses, anyways)


Yeah, I'm gonna translate this blog eventually. It will be available at the website. I just haven't gotten around to doing it. 


I'm going to try doing the P90X workout. My back is completely sore right now, from doing 20.... count them, 20 pushups two days ago. That's sooooooooo pitiful. Hopefully it'll motivate me to work on my body and not just on my game. I do train tennis about 3 times per week, but my core strength is so disgusting. Need to do some serious work there. Of course, I won't just jump into the workout. I'll be doing situps, pushups and ab crunches for a few weeks. By the time I can do 100 of each, without feeling like I'm in the seventh circle of hell the next day, I'll start the P90X. 

Alright, have a good time at the tables,


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